Frequently Asked Questions

A: Welcome to Flavor Box! We're foodies and nutrition enthusiast at heart who believe in guilt-free and great-tasting food. We offer pre-ordered meals delivered daily to your home or office, in weekly or monthly meal plans. We offer different meal plans for different diets and lifestyles. Meals can be ordered individually and mix and matched to create your own individual customized meal plan.
A: We are open Monday - Saturday, and closed on Sunday. Our operating hours Monday - Friday are 8am-8pm. On Saturday, we are open from 8am-13:00pm.
A:  On the order screen you can browse through our rotating menu each week. Each meal is labeled with tags letting you know which meal plan the meal is part of.  Choose to order the individual meal or select to order as a meal plan. You will be guided through the process all the way through checkout.  
A: Currently we offer 1 serving size. Meal sizes follow the suggested guidelines for serving sizes set by the USDA for adults. We will soon add options to upgrade meal sizes.
A: Meal plan menus are set, however meals can be substituted with other daily menu items across our different meal plans in the event there is a meal you dislike.
A:  No. You can order just one meal or as many as you wish. 
A: Orders can be made any day of the week for next day delivery, excluding Sunday. The cut-off for next day delivery is 9:00 PM nightly. Sign-up for our newsletter to receive reminder emails at the start of each week.
A: Yes, meals can be rescheduled online via the My Account section. Meals can be rescheduled to any day in the future, within 30 days. **Please note you will not receive the same menu item upon rescheduling.** Reschedules must be made before 9:00am (lunch deliveries) and 14:00pm (dinner deliveries).
A:  You can pause, start, and stop your meal plan at any time through the My Account and Orders section. 
A: All sales are final and we do not offer cancellations/refunds. If you're unable to receive a delivery, meal plans can be paused, placed on hold, or meals can be credited to vouchers.
A: Please add any allergies and dietary restrictions to your profile which can be managed through the MyAccount section. If there is anything we cannot accommodate, you will be notified by our staff.
A: Our meal plans are for 5 days. If you wish to receive meals on a Saturday, single meal orders can be placed via our Saturday section. Meal plans can be ordered any day of the week for next day delivery (excluding Sunday). Customers can select to order lunches, dinner, or both. Delivery times and locations are customizable.
A: Our meal plans are for 5 days, Monday to Friday. Saturday delivery is optional via our single meal option. Customers can add any number of weeks to their meal plan at the order screen.
A: We offer 6 different meal plans including; Low-Carb, Keto, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and our Original menu filled with our classic favorites.
A:  Not yet, but we plan to add Breakfast very soon!
A: Yes! As of June 2020, we are open on Saturday and deliver all meals between 11:00am - 13:00pm. We are closed Sundays.
A: Yes you can order for multiple weeks by ordering for one week and then ordering for the next week on the main ordering page. 
A: We've worked with an executive chef and dietitian from the United States to curate a menu we're proud of.
A: You sure can! Within your MyAccount section you can rate each meal and delivery service.Reviews are rewarded with discount vouchers!
A: All our fresh produce is delivered daily from our suppliers in DaLat.
A: We partner with trusted suppliers to ensure quality and daily quantities are met. All of our seafood and meat is fresh, and never frozen.
A:  No! Cam! Never! Nada!
A: Yes! Click on any meal on the Order or MyAccount section to see a full list of ingredients and macronutrients.
A: For each meal we provide a full list of ingredients, spices, and macronutrients for total transparency. No fillers or hidden ingredients.
A: No! Our vegetarian plans include eggs and dairy. Vegan plans are coming soon!
A: The Keto diet is a popular weight-loss diet which consists of no added sugars and <22g of net carbs a day, aimed to burn fat.
A:  Unfortunately, FODMAP diet restrictions are often too difficult for our kitchen to manage. However, please review each meal individually as some selections may fit within your allowed foods.
A: We accept online payments (Credit Card and PayPal), bank transfer, and COD.
A: Payment is made at checkout. If you select COD, you will need to pay the Flavor Box driver at the time of your first delivery. We understand sometimes life happens and you may need an extra day to pay. Meal plans will be paused after your second delivery is payment is not received.
A: We only issue refunds in the event of late deliveries, incorrect, or undercooked meals.
A: Coupon codes must be entered at the checkout screen.
A: Vegetarian meals are 145,000 vnd and all others are 160,000 vnd. Meal Plans receive an additional 5% discount. All our meals include free-delivery.
A: Our goal is to serve delicious meals without sacrificing quality or compromising nutrition. Our menu consists of a variety of globally-inspired dishes with an array of premium ingredients and spices. After all, you are what you eat!
A: Yes we do. Please send an email to support@flavorboxsaigon.com requesting a red-invoice. Please include your Tax ID, company name, company email and your order number.
A: We deliver to D1, D2, D3, D4, D7, Phu Nhuan and Binh Thanh. If you are located in another district and would like to receive FlavorBox meals, please contact our customer support at support@flavorboxsaigon.com
A: Meals are delivered directly to customers at both lunch and dinner times after being prepared in our Thao Dien kitchen. Customers can choose to receive meals at either time, or both! You're in total control of when you eat! On Saturday, we only offer lunchtime delivery.
A: Yes! We are closed on Sunday so all weekend deliveries are made during Saturday lunch (11:00am - 13:00pm).
A: Yes! It's our pleasure to deliver directly to your door. However, during the pandemic, many buildings required residents to receive meals downstairs. If your building allows it, we are happy to leave meals at reception labeled with your name and order number.
A: Please wait until your delivery window has expired before contacting us. Our drivers work in routes, similar to postmen. Contact us by email, Facebook, or phone and we will contact our driver and update you on your delivery. If you are a new customer and received your delivery late, but within your window, please contact us. We will work with our drivers to try to satisfy your requests.
A: Yes, deliveries can be rescheduled online via the My Account section. Deliveries can be rescheduled to any day in the future, within 30 days. Please note you will not receive the same menu item upon rescheduling. Reschedules must be made before 9:00am (lunch deliveries) and 14:00 (dinner deliveries).
A: Yes we can. You can add different delivery addresses in the MyAccount section. They will then be available in the address dropdown on the checkout screen.
A: Meals are delivered within an hour of cooking. Reheating is totally up to the customer, but if refrigerated, we do suggest removing the plastic lid and reheating for : 45-60 seconds
A: Most of our proteins are served sliced, this is for us to ensure meat is cooked thoroughly. In the event that proteins cannot be sliced, internal temperatures are checked using thermometers.
A: Since the COVID pandemic, we have increased measures in our kitchen to prevent transmission of germs. Our kitchen team is required to wash their hands and sanitize throughout their shifts. Masks and plastic gloves are worn in the kitchen.
A: Contact us immediately and will quickly prepare a replacement meal or refund your meal.
A: Please add your allergies and dietary restrictions to your profile which can be managed through the MyAccount section. If there is anything we cannot accommodate, you will be notified by our staff.
A: Sign-in and navigate to the top right of the home page to access the Account customer portal.
A: You're in control of so much at Flavor Box! Start and Stop your meal plan as you wish. Change delivery times, update and add delivery addresses, and review your order.
A: Yes, please contact us directly at catering@flavorboxsaigon.com with your catering requests.
A:  We will do our best to accommodate any special dietary requirements.
A: We provide catering services from 9:00 am Monday - Sunday. Please note that weekend catering services attract an additional 20% mark up fee.
A: In order to provide the best possible service, orders need to be finalized 5 working days prior to the event. Please email catering@flavorboxsaigon.com
A:  Cancellations need to be made at least 3 working days before the event for a full refund. Cancellations made with less than 72 hours notice will forfeit the 50% deposit monies.
A: What are your minimum catering order requirements?
A: Food will be delivered in covered foil-trays with disposable biodegradable plates, cutlery and cups. Tableware and glassware can be arranged as a special request please see Tableware Hire section.
A: We can supply non-disposible tableware, tablecloths, tables etc for a small fee. Please refer to Additional Extras section. A security deposit of 3 Mill VND would be required to cover any breakages/damage and would need to be paid when confirming the order along with the 50% deposit. The Security Deposit will be refunded once all the items have been returned and checked. Broken/Damaged items will be charged as detailed in our Additional Extras section.
A: Serving staff can be arranged at a fee of 50,000 per hour per staff member.
A: Our latest teardown time is 10:30pm. Teardowns after 10:30pm will be charged at 2 Mill VND per hour or part thereof for a maximum of 2 hours
A: Our standard event time is 2.30 hrs, we can extend this period for a maximum of 2 hours at a cost of 1 million VND per hour or part thereof.
Customer Support: +84909650412